Rank Insignia of the British Army

Commissioned Officers

Enlisted and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO)

Rank structure with Corresponding Unit

  • This chart shows the rough breakdown of rank hierarchies in the British Army of the First World War, with the equivalent ranks in the German and French Armies. Note that none of this is exact, and different units could have different numbers of soldiers and have slight variations in terms of which rank of soldier commanded each unit.

  • This chart shows the unit structure of a hypothetical army of the First World War. Note that the number of sub units within any given unit could vary quite a bit from country to country and over time. But this gives a good sense of the rough break down of how each unit was.

  • NOTE: The little x's, lines, and dots above the units are symbols that NATO uses to describe roughly equivalent unit sizes in different National Armies. These symbols did not exist during the First World War, however they are widely used today and are a useful way to visualize these different units.